I'm Nachte, a cyborg living on an abandoned asteroid outpost in deep space.
I own two cats and program in the cloud so that I can afford the subscription to my soylent green dispenser.
I've been on the internet since before the social media conglomerate took over post phage invasion.

  • small palate Art - Clip Studio Paint
  • small terminal Code - Visual Studio Code and XAMPP
  • small controller Hobbies - Gunpla, Gaming, Game Development, Comics
  • happy face Likes - Manga, Cyberpunk, Tea, Robots
  • angry face Dislikes - Modern Web Dev, The "Algorithm", Dry Weather

Got questions? Need to know how to survive in the reclaimation zone?
Contact me: CyborgNachte@sundered.space

Stuck behind nileNET? You can view me here:

A small gremlinoid cyborg person, waving.