The eclectic group of indivduals and stories we follow in Sundered Space.

Cyborg Depot
A large cyborg man with a cracked glass featureless face. Jaques -- Ex-Military

Working as private security
and working through PTSD.
A cyborg man with 8 eyes and spikes on his head. Spike -- Braided Network Capo

Runs Neptune Sector's black market.
A young man with blue hair and mechanical legs. Gamma 12 -- Cyborg Mechanic

Ex-Asset, owns and operates
Cyborg Depot.
A lean cyborg man with a tail and horns Edison -- Mod Enthusiast

Cyborg hobbist, collects new
mods like tattoos.
Rebel 13
A pale android with long hair shaped like a ribbon cable. Thirteen -- Data Lake

Pre-War self-aware AI.
Likes watching anime.
A scruffy man who wears a lot of jewelry. Picasso -- "Painter"

Funds his passion working
as a professional thief.
Hey, Pyra!
An AI helper who hair a triangle for hair. Pyra -- Digital Assisstant

First post-war self aware AI.
Really doesn't like his job.
Neptune Sector
A scrappy psychic man wearing a space suit. Ace -- ASTSECT Dispatcher

Spicy psychic crime investigator
for Astral Section in the Neptune
A huge cyborg that looks human despite his size. Artyom -- ASTSECT Enforcer

Gentle cyborg crime investigator
for Astral Section in the Neptune